Cancer Immunodiagnostics

Haab Laboratory
The Haab Laboratory works to enable more accurate detection and diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and to identify key factors in cancer progression and dissemination. Our approaches make heavy use of understanding the nature and functions of changes to carbohydrates in pancreatic cancer.

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Technologies and software

Software – MotifFinder. This software enables the automated analysis of glycan array data. 

Software – SignalFinder-Microarray (SignalFinderMA). This software enables the automated analysis of microarray images. 

Pancreatic Cancer Biomarkers and Diagnostic Methods

Pancreatic Cancer Biomarkers

Methods for Detecting Protein Glycosylation

Microscope Slide Partitioner

Software – Marker State Space (MSS). This program is for the development of biomarker panels


SlideImprinter for the partitioning of microscope slides, available from the Gel Company



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